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Arts and Culture Network

Arts and Culture Network

Community Group

43 Woodpond Avenue, Hockley, UK

The Arts and Culture Network is a growing global network of professionals shaping and sharing the future of our industry together.

Independent, vocal, borderless, diverse, inclusive, self-governing, self-funded, collectively philanthropic, we are a little bit pirate.

"Such an interesting and warm group of people! I am so sorry to miss the after party! I have to go to a much less fun Zoom meeting." (Ximena Varela - President, Association of Arts Administration Educators. USA)

The pulse of our community is a series of free, 1-hour random speed networking events and speed webinars on Zoom.

In under an hour, we each get to meet 9 or more colleagues, at random, in a series of 5-minute 121s without leaving our desks. It's friendly, fun, fast and very effective.

We've seen our youngest friends hired.

At half time we present our 10-minute speed webinar called the TAD Talk. (The Arts Debate).

"Mark that was by far the best - and the shortest - webinar I have attended since the start of lock down, and l've done more than I care to mention. Thank you."

(Peter Carzasty - Dream Up Consulting. USA)

You can watch one of them here.

You can find our schedule of future free events here.

Mark Walmsley FRSA

Chief Culture Vulture

Arts & Culture Network


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