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Nathan Hubble (Hubble & Nice Ltd)

Nathan Hubble (Hubble & Nice Ltd)


Hello hello,

I’m Nathan Hubble. 25 y/o Actor, Writer, Musician, Director and Tax Consultant - big up the side hustle. I’m from Basildon in Essex.

I am equipped with a BA in English Literature from King's College London, half of a MA in Screen Acting from Drama Centre London (I can explain...), and I am represented by the Talent Agency 'Felix de Wolfe'.

Since signing with my agent, I’ve acted in multiple Short-Films, a BBC Soap, an Apple TV series, a Netflix Series, and, most recently, a Disney+ Series. I have been creatively writing for as long as I can remember - hence going into an English Lit degree, and from this, I am now in pursuit of getting some of my writing produced into short films through my Production Company 'Hubble & Nice Ltd'.

I’m a lively, friendly, and hungry individual with a passion for all things creative. I’d love to get the chance to network with my local area, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Despite having independently written my projects and got them to the stage they are currently at, I am very very very much up for collaborating on this projects and becoming a creative team with like-minded, up-and-coming, hungry creatives in order to progress within our careers and in the industry.

I’ll finish up now, sorry if I lost you a little bit.

A promise I’ll make you though, is that I’m one of the most organised people you’ll have met to date - little bit of a control freak, but I’m a good and friendly one; I promise.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to the prospect of meeting and speaking to you further.

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