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Window Wanderland FAQs

  • What is a Window Wanderland?
    Window Wanderland is a celebration of creativity that encourages residents to turn their street-facing windows into vibrant works of art. Picture your street adorned with imaginative displays, captivating scenes, and artistic masterpieces—all visible from the outside, transforming Southend into a city-wide gallery.
  • I want to create a window display, how do I sign up?
    Just visit our Join In page and fill out the form. You’ll need to provide your name, email, and address, but this data will not be shared with the public – your property will simply show as an unmarked pin on our Interactive Map.
  • Will it cost me money?
    It’s free to join in, but you might need to purchase supplies to help create your display. If you have all the things you need at home then it won’t cost you a thing, but if not, you could: - See if your neighbours fancy doing their own display too and split the cost of supplies. - Look out for free Window Wanderland workshops happening around Southend where you can pop along and make your displays to take home.
  • What kind of display can I make?
    There are no expectations or judgements, so just have a go and see where your creativity takes you! Simple materials such as tissue paper, tracing paper, fabrics, or paints and pens can be used to create displays. From intricate designs to playful silhouettes cut from black paper or even colourful arrangements of clothing, the possibilities for creativity are endless. Find inspiration in our Gallery of other Window Wanderlands, or look out for free WW workshops happening around Southend.
  • I live in a high-rise flat, can I still join in?
    Of course! We want the whole city to get involved to not only showcase the city’s creativity, but to show our community spirit. Plus, the higher you are the easier the windows are to see from the street.
  • Do I have to sign up? Can’t I just display on the night?
    You can, but without your property marked on our Interactive Map, people won’t know to come and see your window. The other disadvantage is you won’t get updates from us with news or if anything changes. Your personal information (Name, email, and address) won't be shared with the public, your participating property will be shown as an unmarked pin on our Interactive Map.
  • When can I see the window displays?
    Participating households are encouraged to have everything prepped and ready so that on the evenings of Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th March their displays are illuminated and ready to view. Participating properties will be marked on our Interactive Map.
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