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Window Wanderland

22nd-24th March 2024

Window Wanderland is a captivating new community art project that invites Southend's residents to be a part of transforming our city into a spectacular outdoor art gallery.

The idea behind it is simple, all you need to do to get involved is decorate your street-facing windows with whatever imaginative display you can think of!

It can be big or small, from a simple candle, to tissue paper "stained glass" and everything in between - it’s totally up to you but all we ask is that it's visible from the street, which will help transform Southend into a city-wide gallery! 

Check out the video below of Window Wanderland's from other areas.

Join the Artistic Movement!

We want the whole city to be a part of this incredible community project. So why not express your creativity by decorating your windows with unique displays and share your artistic vision with the world!

Get some inspiration!


Take a Wander Through the Artwork

Lots of people have signed up already, and all participating properties are highlighted on the map below, so that on the evenings of the 22nd - 24th March 2024 you can embark on a unique walking tour of Southend, where every street becomes a canvas for creativity!

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